Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Childern Tips

Fix two small pieces of fine sandpaper onthe insides of pencilbox lids. This will allow the child to clean erasers in a jiffy.

1 tiny boiled potato given to the child at least 2-3 times a week is nutritious. Add seasoning or curds, but do not fry. Do a lot more good than fries.

2. Use old soft bedspreads to make soft sleepons for infants (the filling being layers of the bedspread and not polycotton or heavy cotton which has to be lined with plastic to keep dry.) Hygienic, easy to machine wash, safe and soft, and economical too.

3. Keep a good foodie kiddie chart for your kid in the dining room. Every time he eats well, add a colourful star or sticker of his/her favourite screen star, to give him a feeling of achievement. Works like magic with many kids.

4. Make dosas a little less crisp. Roll in any desired filling like a frankie. Add chutney or jam if desired. Make very tasty rolls for your kids' lunch box, with change from the routine sandwich too!!

5. If your griddle is large enough make many teeny weeny dosas instead of one big one. Top them with a bit of chutney and sandwich them. Kids enjoy these and eat them much less messily.

6. Try substituting kids' lunch bag with lemonade instead of water once or twice a week. They'll be thrilled.

7. Give a nice big bright star on your kiddies' room calender every day that he cleans out his lunch box fully!! See his enthusiasm soar.

8. For a children's party, make coloured ice-cubes by adding food colour to the water. Children love ice-crem, but it's quite expensive bought from the parlour. Instead, buy cones and make creamy inexpensive ice-cream at home (do not freeze fully). Fill in the cones and top with a cherry or grated chocolate.

9. Stick a strip of medicated plaster under the sole of your child's new shoes. He will not slip on a slippery floor.

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